Sunday, 27 September 2015

Nuvango is closing Artist Shops

Nuvango sent out a mass email to designers & artists on September 25th, 2015 stating that they will be closing their artist shops. They will be keeping a select few artists or designs to feature on a new type of rotating collection, going from a marketplace to an eCommerce style shop mid October.

I am quite a fan of Nuvango & their products, and was happy to set up shop there so that I could both sell my designs to others and purchase things with my own designs on them. You might recall the 3DS skin I purchased earlier in the year (which is still looking nice, btw!), it was awesome to be able to customize my 3DS with my own design, and felt amazing to be able to buy something purely made in Toronto, so close to my hometown! What hasn't been clear in the email is whether people can still create their own custom products to order through Nuvango, and if the old collection will be available for customization, or just the new, rotating collection.

What I am also wondering is if the artists who stay will still be able to upload new and exciting artwork, or if what is currently on Nuvango will be their collection.

In light of this news, I will no longer be including Nuvango on my monthly stats list or on print on demand comparisons... as it is no longer a POD! With the limit on 30 designs per artists plus the limited selection of products, I found myself maxed out with what I could do with my shop two months ago. Although I wasn't very active in it, I did manage to make sales every month, as my design was part of Nuvango's main gallery.

 If you currently have a Nuvango shop, you have the option of waiting it out to see if your designs are still included when the changes go live, or deleting your gallery & account in advanced.
If you have any questions about this new change to the Nuvango online store, you can contact Nuvango through email or phone Here.

Did you have a Nuvango shop? Is this change terrible news to you, or did Nuvango never work out for you? I'd love to hear your thoughts on this recent change in the comments.

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